What does one-time use mean? Can I use the list again to follow up by mail or phone calls?
One-time use means that the list you've purchased can be used only once for a mailing or a telemarketing campaign. You cannot use the list to follow up by phone after the mailing. Note that lists are seeded to detect unauthorized use.

I am using the list only for telemarketing. Can I call the same number twice if I don’t make contact the first time?

The list may only be used for the particular campaign for which it was purchased. You may call only until you make an initial contact.

Can I order a list for two-time use?
This option is currently not available on the online order system. Please call your MDR Representative at 800-333-8802 for information about purchasing a list for two-time use.

I have just purchased a list. Are phone numbers automatically included?
No, phone numbers must be purchased as a separate selection ($25/M).

Are email addresses available through MDR’s online order system?
No, to purchase MDR’s email marketing products (E@ppend, E@ppend Plus, E@quire, and E@quire Plus), you must contact your MDR Representative at

I have never ordered from MDR before and want to know what data is included in my order.

In general, you will receive the following information when you purchase a mailing list from MDR: name and/or title, institution name, and address.

Note that your list may contain additional information depending upon the selections you have chosen.

What output formats (i.e., software types or file types) are available?
Fixed length ASCII SDF, ASCII Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited Text, Dbase III or above, FoxPro 2.6 or above, Microsoft Access 2.0 or above, and Excel 2.1 or above.

What delivery options are available?

Electronic files are delivered via email or FTP.

Diskettes and CD-ROMs are shipped via standard shipping (see below).

If you would like to order printed labels (chesire or pressure-sensitive) please call your MDR Sales Representative at 800-333-8802.

What shipping methods are offered?
Our standard method of shipping is second-day delivery. We also offer overnight (by 10:30 a.m.), next day (by 3 p.m.), and ground (3-7 days) deliveries.

Can I use a purchase order?
Yes, you can use a purchase order when you place your MDR order online. You may include your purchase order number in the box provided on the Shipping/Billing page.

Are there any additional charges?

Yes, shipping/handling and tax are extra.

Shipping/handling charges: These are based upon on the size and weight of your order.

Tax: You must calculate your own tax as the percentage varies significantly from state to state.