Online Minimum Orders $150/Order

Base Price Guidelines
Prices below are based on a per thousand (/M) rate.
Institutions – Title Addressed (up to 30 characters)
School and District Buildings, Regional and County Centers
Colleges and Universities $54/M
Day Care Centers $54/M
Public Libraries $54/M
School Personnel by Name
Principals $44/M
Teachers $70/M
School District Administrators by Name $68/M
College Personnel by Name $95/M
Day Care Personnel by Name $70/M
Public Librarians/School Librarians by Name $70/M
Direct Mail Buyers
College Faculty and Administrators $105/M
Day Care Directors $105/M
District Administrators $105/M
School Principals $89/M
School Teachers and Librarians $105/M

Specific Selects
The following specific selects are available at additional cost:
Alternative Programs $13/M
Direct Response Index™ (DRI) $35/M
  DRI With Buyers $20/M
DRI for Special Education $35/M
DRI for Title I $35/M
Enrollment $13/M
Expenditures $13/M
First-Year Teachers $25/M
Geographic $13/M
Household Income $13/M
Keycoding (per keycode, except phone numbers) $3/M
LifestyleNE Indicator $25/M
Magnet Schools/Programs $13/M
Market Power $25/M
Metro Status $13/M
Minority Percentage $13/M
New Teachers $25/M
Number of Branches/Main Public Library $13/M
Number of Teachers $13/M
Phone Numbers Keycoded $25/M
Poverty Level $13/M
Private School Selects $13/M
Second-Year Teachers $25/M
Special Facilities/Programs $13/M
Tech Sophistication Index™ $25/M
Years at a School $25/M
Years of Experience $25/M
Buyer Selects
The following buyer selects are available at additional cost:
Age $13/M
Book Buyers $13/M
Classroom Materials Purchasers $13/M
Educators as Sales Agents $13/M
Interest Level $13/M
Marital Status $13/M
Multibuyers $14/M
Presence of Children $13/M
Recency of Purchase $14/M
Seminar Attendees $13/M
Software Buyers $13/M
Telephone Numbers $25/M
Video/Multimedia Buyers $13/M

Electronic Delivery Options  
CD-ROM (one-time use) $40/List
Email (one-time use) FREE
FTP (one-time use) FREE

Terms and Conditions

Shipping and Handling
Our standard method of shipping is second-day delivery. We also offer overnight (by 10:30 a.m.), next day (by 3 p.m.), and ground (3-7 days) deliveries. Shipping and handling charges are extra.

Sample mailing piece and signed security agreement required with all buyer rental orders.

Delivery Schedule
All orders must be approved prior to shipment. Once approved, email and FTP orders are emailed immediately. Approved orders for other formats are shipped within 24 hours.

Reuse of List
Lists are supplied for one-time use, unless multiple use is agreed upon in writing before acceptance of the order. Unauthorized use of lists will be subject to duplicate billings and/or damages. Lists are seeded to detect unauthorized use.

Trade Secrets Agreement
Customers acknowledge that the information licensed by MDR is proprietary to MDR and comprises: (a) works of original authorship, including compiled information containing MDR's selection, arrangement and coordination, and expression of such information or preexisting material it has created, gathered, or assembled; (b) confidential trade secret information; and (c) information that has been created, developed, and maintained by MDR at great expense of time and money such that misappropriation or unauthorized use by others for commercial gain would unfairly and irreparably harm MDR. The customer shall not commit or permit any act or omission that would impair MDR's proprietary and intellectual property rights in the information licensed by MDR.

Payment upon receipt. Prepayment with initial order(s) for new accounts, or charge to your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Accuracy of List Counts
Since MDR continually updates its lists and data, counts will vary.

No adjustments can be made unless we are notified in writing within 20 days of any discrepancies between the list as delivered and your order.

Guarantee of Deliverability
MDR will refund $1 for every piece of undeliverable mail you get from an MDR compiled school, library, and early childhood address file that is received by MDR within 90 days of the invoice date. Furthermore, MDR will pay $500 to the first person to find any public school building not in our database.

Limits of Liability
MDR has used its best efforts to ensure accuracy of this list but does not guarantee its accuracy in all respects. MDR's liability for any damages or loss sustained by the purchaser through the use of this list shall be limited to the cost of this list. In no event shall MDR be liable for any special or consequential damages.