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Building Your List Order
Click here for general instructions on building your education mailing list.

Help by Topic
Click here to get a listing of general help topics.

Keyword Search
Click here to search our help database by keyword.

Help with this screen
To make things easy, we provide custom help on each page of the order process. Just click on the Help with this screen link located in the yellow bar at the top right of each page.

MDR Selection Help
For help on specific selections, click on the icon throughout the site.

Tab 1 — Institution Types
  - Begin by selecting your Institution Type.
- You will build your order one List Segment at time.
- Each list segment is built from one Market.
- Markets are shown in bold type as follows:
  • K-12 Schools
• Districts
• Colleges
• Day Care Centers
• Public Libraries
• Professional Libraries
  Additional List Segments may be added to your order by clicking the Add List Segment button once you reach the List Summary/Count page.
  Tab 2 — Geographic Selects

You may choose to refine your list order with Geographic Selects using the following criteria:


• ZIP Codes and ZIP Ranges
• SCF Codes and SCF Ranges

  If you do not choose to make selections using the above criteria, you will get the Entire U.S., which is the default.
  Tab 3 — Institution Demographics

The Institution Demographics screen will let you further narrow down your list by choosing from various selections offered for the institution type you have chosen.


The specific selections available on this screen will depend on which Institution Type (or Market) you selected on Tab 1.

Click here to see the details from Help with this screen on the
K-12 Public School demographics page.

  Tab 4 Personnel/Job Title Selects

Choose Personnel/Job Title Selects if you want your list order to include names and/or job titles.

Designate the way in which you want to target educators for your list by choosing personnel from these three options:

    Name by Job Function
Selecting Name by Job Function allows you to choose educators by grade/subject taught or job function. 
  Buyers by Job Function
Selecting Buyers by Job Function allows you to choose known education product buyers by product type, subject taught and/or job function. 
  No Names, Title Only
Selecting No Name, Title Only lets you type in a title of your choice that will appear on all records/labels in place of a name. 
Selecting names by job functions allows you to search job function by alphabetical listing, category (i.e. English, Math, Science, etc.), or keyword search.

College Personnel

For college personnel you will be asked to select discipline and subject to determine which targeted courses you can choose from.

You may also conduct a keyword search or type in course codes from our college catalog to make ordering fast and easy.

  Tab 5 List Summary

On the List Summary/Counts page, you can review your list order and decide if you want to make changes.

At this point of your order, you can:


• Add additional List Segments
• Edit existing List Segments

• View order detail
• Save or cancel your order


Once your order has been build to your specifications, finalize your order by providing billing and shipping information.